a pretty little trainwreck


So I had a ‘date’ tonight. 

It was nice enough, we watched The Last 5 Years at the theater in town. Those people amaze me and make my heart ache each time I’m able to attend a play. I love them so much. Theatre heals the soul.

Then we walked around for a bit.

Then he offered food/drink, but I was already late taking my medicine and was getting a massive headache and so I nicely declined. So he gave me a kiss and then we talked some more like it always happens when you try to say goodbye to someone and then we talked even more and then I finally got going. 

I’m tired and the Percocets I took have totally gone to my head.

He’s a great guy, friendly, geeky, smart, sarcastic, good taste in music, big interest in theatre. But, there weren’t really sparks for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m still hung up on Alex or if they just weren’t there at all.

I’m trying to make friends, and I’m getting dates, which is nice. And I try to explain that I don’t want a relationship, that it’s really gotta go super slow and first start as a friendship. But a date here and there is nice too.

I’m supposed to go to Chili’s tomorrow night with another guy, he’s a little older than me (27) and these two guys are the two I’ve been really excited about meeting. I don’t have the gas to go really so unless there’s a miracle or something, he’ll be picking me up. Nervous as hell about that because I’d so rather have my own car. But whatever, I will deal with it. My legs and back are young and strong still, I still have fight left in me if I need it. I don’t have a bad feeling about this guy though, nor did I have it about the guy tonight. 

I’ll update y’all :)

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